OMSI (Officina Meccanica Stampi Industriali)

Known nowadays as an international leader in the manufacturing and installation of plastic seating, was established in Bologna in 1961 by the initiative of three partners.
In the first facility, located in Via Speranza, moulds for plastic toys and models of motorcycles, cars and airplanes were initially produced.
Afterwards, the company’s production, which had started in 1967 with the purchase of the first manual injection machine, was concentrated on the injection of plastic seats, whose interest on the Italian market had been verified through the importation of numerous models from Argentina where in previous years one of the 3 partners had gained a strong experience.
The first mold made independently by OMSI was a polypropylene seat with metal legs, called D5, subsequently produced and launched on the market under the PRO.INCO brand (commercial industrial production), once the first automatic injection machine was purchased, the GBF2000.
The strong business expansion registered by OMSI in the seventies led to a substantial increase of the labour force and to the diversification of the production, extended to the manufacturing of moulds and plastic items of various kinds – on its own and on behalf of third parties – directed to different types of users, especially for the automotive, electronics and household objects sector. Shortly thereafter, the decision to build a new and modern facility in the industrial area of Zola Predosa, close to Bologna, followed, where the headquarter was definitively moved in August 1972.
Here Omsi has been constantly looking for continuous improvement of its transformation technology, investing resources in the purchase of new moulding machinery up to 1,500 tons, also expanding in the field of public seating. The creation of a line of plastic items for garden furniture dates back to 1980, highly innovative high-end products, since until than they were mostly made of wood and, remaining for a long time exposed outdoors, required necessarily continuous maintenance interventions.
In the nineties with the approach of the World Football Championships, organized in Italy, Omsi created the first seat for sports facilities, the M90 model than installed at the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna, at the Tardini in Parma and at Sant’Elia in Cagliari. Since than, Omsi began to concentrate its investments in the industrial production of seats for the sports world, which thus became the company’s core business.
In 2002, with the acquisition by Ivars Spa, OMSI became part of the TWINS NETWORK group, an established international brand that brings together numerous companies specializing in the research, design and production of plastic seating components. Through subsidiaries or affiliated companies, the group is active in all 5 continents, offering the quality of Made in Italy all over the world and a widespread presence on the territory, a guarantee of flexibility in production and delivery times.

Once the company production was extended to include plastic seats for schools, communities and public facilities, OMSI quickly became an established international point of reference thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, a wide availability of moulds for different types of products and a selection in the choice of the most suitable plastic materials used.

OMSI offers its customers a complete and personalized service ranging from the design to the production of all components, up to the installation of the seats and after sales assistance, providing a product of excellence, safe, resistant and eco-sustainable. . Since 2004, Omsi’s turnover has been growing steadily, even doubling in the last two years and 80% is achieved on foreign markets.

Looking back today, we have no doubts about what lies ahead. Because we have long ago started our journey turning our gaze to the future.